Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I'm starting to feel like I've hit a plateau doing what we're doing. I have hovered around the same weight for a while now. It has been a good 5 weeks now that not much has happened. Ending week 7 the scales did tip downward just enough that it was time to officially cut off another point. I say officially because as I have tried to cut down the number of daily nursings my baby gets, I've been cutting points off my daily points too. So even on weeks when I didn't loose enough to go down a point, I still have been cutting off a point. That means that each week I've been cutting down and eating less but nothing is happening. At least I haven't really gained. I have fluctuated around a pound, but that is it. I know I need to do something but what. Then I keep wondering if it has something to do with nursing, should I have not taken away those points yet, since we are still nursing more than half the time. When we first started I wasn't doing anything, that was until I started making sure I ate every one of my points every day, and then results started to show. I'm still trying to eat every one of my points everyday, but am I shooting myself in the foot since I have 4 points I just decided I'm not eating? This is one way in which actually doing WW with WW would be nice. I'd have an actually consultant to help me through this problem. I'm still happy with it and I'm not going to give it up, after all its a lifestyle not a diet. But it is always easier to make those choices when you can see results, slow and sure or not, as long as they are there.

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