Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Am Like a Star

This has been corrected. Hopefully now it will work. Thanks for letting me know.
So after I did the Suns for Sunbeams I had a request for stars. Maybe this isn't exactly what was in mind, but this is what I made. I hope it works for you.


Jessica said...

I was just called to be the new primary chorister tonight! So I am kind of freaking out. The first thing I did was a search for ideas. I am so glad I found your site. I am also on week 2 of weight watchers! Yipee! so I think you may be my new Best Friend. Thanks for taking time to post ideas.

Trisha said...

Just for your info, the stars don't fit on the page quite as well as the sunbeams did. When you print them up, part is being cut off. Maybe you can adjust that somehow, they are so cute. I appreciate your sharing this idea with us. I am going to use it in nursery tomorrow.

Arizona Girl said...

I fixed the sheet. Thanks for letting me know.