Thursday, April 8, 2010

Teaching: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The song "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" AKA "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" is such a fun song to sing. I still remember singing it often back when I was in Primary. I have wanted to make teaching this song different and fun. 
While listening to Elder Uchtdorf's talk, I got inspired (I don't remember what he said or why it inspired me, maybe it was just the Spirit). Also another blogger pointed out that this song emphasizes the action words "believe", "know", "follow", "do" and so on. The combination of Elder Uchtdorf and this sister's blog gave me an idea. Instead of making signs to hold I'm going to have the children 'dress' as the word.
For example these are the words:
"Belong"-- Sports team member- have the child ware a jersey, and/or hold a ball, glove, bat.
"Know"-- Graduate- Graduation hat. I made mine out of construction paper, but you could use an old actual one too, mine is at my parents house.
"Follow"-- Crossing guard- Give the child a crossing guard sign to hold up, maybe a whistle (I wouldn't recommend it unless the whistle is broken). I'm going to try to find a crossing guard reflective vest, but I don't know where to find one. We tried as missionaries to give to our greenie to ware while backing us up and never did, so that part might be a no go. But I made the crossing guard sign out of construction paper and laminated (highly recommend getting one if you can afford to, mine was my Christmas present).
"Believe"-- _____- this one was the hardest for me. Here are some suggestions, I'm not sure what I am going to do for sure yet. 1- Santa hat, 'Do you Believe in Santa?' this one could be dangerous. Some parents loath Santa, having something to do with it in Singing Time might not be a good idea. Not to mention you couldn't make the comparison that we only believe in Santa because he isn't real verse we believe and have Faith in Christ since He is Real. That might get tricky since many little children still believe. 2- I own costume fairy wings. I thought of asking 'Do you believe in fairies?' to start instead. Either of these to complete them have the child hold a picture of Christ and the word FAITH. 3-The safest if you are looking for safe, have a costume ancient robe, and have the child hold a picture of Christ, they are to represent Christ.
"Honor"-- Scout- Bring a scout (cubs or boys) hat and have a child ware it for this line. The other suggestion given by my husband was a solider's outfit or hat. But I figure more children (since most have siblings or are themselves in some level of Scouts) will relate more.
"Do"-- Construction Worker"- have a child ware a hard hat. The idea was a hat associated with work. Another suggestion is -- a Cleaning worker- apron and rubber gloves.
"Proclaim"-- Missionary, I made an Elder and Sister name tags (enlarged) to have a child ware. I plan on having one boy and a girl come up for this one and one hold a picture of Christ and the other a picture of President Monson.
Along with this you could have the children hold up the "keyword" of what they are or the phrase of the song.

Hope ya'll have fun with this song. I can't wait.


Liz Johnston said...

what a great idea!! I think I might do this. What about Sherlock Holmes for I follow? cause we have to be looking to be able to follow his plan. maybe. Does that make since?

Liz Johnston said...

I also like the idea of using a big CTR sign for I'll do what is right and either a lantern or a flash light for follow his light. THANKS again.. :)

Marcyne Brown said...

Your ASL video for "Follow the Prophet" was the easiest to learn from, especially because you explained what each sign was. I have taught the chorus to the Primary. Is it possible for you to do one for the hymn "Come Follow Me" (July's song). With the song being slower and more reverent than some, I thought how wonderful it would be for them to sign this one as they sang the words for the Primary Sacrament Program.

I would love it if this was possible. I hope this is not too much to ask of you.

Marcyne Brown
Las Vegas, Nevada