Friday, December 10, 2010

Lately I've noticed

Lately I've noticed a change in my DVD buying habits. DVDs became big just before I left on my mission, when I got home from my mission I bought my first DVD player and started buying DVDs. They were my favorite movies and TV series. I loved owned TV series seasons DVDs. I had a decent collection of Disney movies, one because I enjoy watching Disney movies, but more because I hoped that someday I would get married and start having children who eventually would love to watch Disney movies. I did get married eventually (after being single for a very long time and spending a lot of money on an awesome DVD collection).  Now that my son is starting to be interested in watching movies I'm grateful for the Disney collection we own. 
So here is the noticeable change in my DVD purchase. In the above photo is almost of all the DVDs I've about in the past year. Do you notice a theme? First I will point out that this is nothing compared to how many DVDs I'd buy in a year as a single adult. Second, not one was purchased for me and my selfish purposed. They are all DVDs I purchased for my son to watch. Granted he may like to watch Barney more than Curious George. But I'd rather watch Curious George over Barney, I'm still selfish in that way. And Al does enjoy Curious George too. So since having children I've traded buy Veronica Mars, Perry Mason, Psych, and obscure British series for Curious George and Thomas the Train. 
LOL the way our children change our lives.

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Melissa Ash said...

I love this! We have a huge collection of Disney movies, but my son would rather watch the movies of George and Thomas that we have borrowed from the library (We do own a couple of them, but I have a hard time buying these "little, little" kid movies!) I prefer George over ANY of those kids movies!! Fun stuff!