Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Shower for Twin Girls

My mom and sister threw me a baby shower for these twin girls. Everyone must love picking out girl clothes because we were given so many more clothes items then we did with my son. It was going to be a smaller family and close friends shower, but just about everyone came and it was a big group. 
Sometimes I forget that when you're inviting just family even we have a huge family then add in a few friends and we have a big group. I wanted to talk to everyone, but it was so busy and I hardly had the time. My sister did a great job planing. She enjoys putting things like this together. She wanted to play some twin games. She came up with two. 
The first one was called "Is a twin or has twins" I've pasted it here, see how you would have done:

·         Justin Timberlake
·         Sarah Jessica Parker
·         Elvis Presley
·         Shawn Marion
·         Singer Duffy
·         Celine Dion
·         Vin Diesel
·         Millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hurst
·         Lisa Marie Presley
·         Ed Sullivan
·         Liberace
·         Isabella Rossellini
·         Denzel Washington
·         Jane Seymore
·         Julia Roberts
·         Broncos quarterback John Elway
·         Mariah Carey
·         Mohammad Ail
·         Actress Parker Posey 
·         Actor Andy Garcia
·         Eva Green
·         Terminator Linda Hamilton

And the answers...
·         Justin Timberlake-twin(Laura Katherine, died after birth)
·         Sarah Jessica Parker-has twin girls, (Marion Loretta and Tabitha)
·         Elvis Presley- Twin (Jesse Garon, died at birth)
·         Shawn Marion- twin (sister Shawnette)
·         Singer Duffy- Twin (sister katy)
·         Celine Dion-has twins (Boys 2010)
·         Vin Diesel-twin (Brother Paul Vincent)
·         Millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hurst- twin died at birth
·         Lisa Marie Presley- has twins(Finley and Harper)
·         Ed Sullivan- twin, died in infancy
·         Liberace- twin, died in infancy
·         Isabella Rossellini- Twin sister (Isotta)
·         Denzel Washington- has twins (Malcolm and Olivia)
·         Jane Seymore- has twin boys
·         Julia Roberts- has twin (Hazel and Phinnaeus)
·         Broncos quarterback John Elway- twin brother
·         Mariah Carey- has twins (Monroe and Moroccan)
·         Mohammad Ail- has twin girls (Jamillah and Rasheda)
·         Actress Parker Posey- twin (brother Chris)
·         Actor Andy Garcia- conjoint twin, brother died shortly after removal
·         Eva Green- twin sister Joy
·         Terminator Linda Hamilton- twin sister Leslie
           How did you do? 
       The other game she came up with was done on Power Point. She would show a picture and we'd have to       guess who the person's famous twin is. Most of them I didn't even know who they were. I'm not up on my current celebrities.
        We had a great turn out to the shower. 
Thank-you to all who came. I wish I had been able to catch up with each of you.

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