Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trip to Texas: Children's Aquarium at Fair Park Dallas

With my husband starting a new job we took the week before he started and went on a road trip. We decided on going east since we seem to always be going west and to Disneyland. We did a lot a research to see what there is to do in the winter time west of Arizona but still in driving distance. 
We decided on going to the Dallas area and to the Great Wolf Lodge. Its only a 13 hour drive from where we live. We've gone to Salt Lake City before and that is 14 hours from where we live why not Texas.
The first thing we do once in Dallas was we went to the Children's Aquarium at the Fair grounds.
I just have to point out that the whole area are gorgeous art deco buildings. Including the aquarium.
The girls enjoyed themselves, but not as much as Al. He LOVED it. He has been into ocean predators lately and this was perfect for him. Sting Rays, and sharks, and Alligators OH MY
We gave in and each child got a toy. Yes occasionally we are push over parents. We are much more so when on vacation than otherwise. Plus we justified it because we didn't plan ahead and bring car toys with us.
And in the same park area is the stadium that the cotton bowl is played. I found that exciting. It was a must to get my picture in front of it. 

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