Monday, June 3, 2013

Park and Corn dogs

Back on the 23rd of May (last day of school around here) Sonic had 50 cent corn dogs. So we went by for lunch, got our corn dogs, and ordered enough that my children ate them for lunch and dinner that day. Don't judge my children love corn dogs and I knew we were going up to Mesa for the long weekend and leaving that night (having dinner in the car) what better food for children on a road trip than corn dogs. Especially since my children love them and eat every last bite.
While we waited for daddy to get off work and start our road trip we went to the park.
It was a short visit but they made the most of it and were so sad to leave.
Took this pic walking up to the park.
Nellie had hurried ahead, Rose called out to here
"Wait" and Nellie turned around and they ran to each other.
I just love this photo and I am totally smitten with the love and bond my babies have. There is nothing else so sweet to watch. 

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