Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Nibbling and time in Mesa

My sister had her baby on the 5th. His name is Theodore and we are calling him "Teddy".
We went up to Mesa to see our new cousin and to help my sister out in any way I could.
his cousin (on the other side of the family) Maggie was born the same day at the same hospital
As they were getting ready to be discharged from the hospital he has what we started calling "breathing attack episodes"
It  was scary. He would stop breathing and turn blue.
Many theories were given why this was happening
eventually they moved him to Cardon Children's Hospital.
He still hadn't been home yet. They monitored him for seven days and found nothing.
Finally after being 13 days old he was release to go home for the first time. They are going to have to keep a monitor on him for a month but at least they are home. I think my sister handled the whole thing very grown up. I am grateful that prayers have been answered and they are now home as a family.

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