Monday, August 19, 2013

the Twins turn TWO

The girls turned two a week ago on the 11th. I didn't know how to make their birthday special. It was a Sunday and we were up in Mesa. So I got them birthday muffins. We also had cake and ice cream after dinner with their cousins. They also got a few gifts- a magnetic drawing pad, a water drawing pad, big girl underpants, and a Little Einestine DVD (which my brothers have decided were missed named and should have been called "little mozart"
They were adorable for church in their new Sunday dresses. I hope they enjoyed their birthdays and that it felt more special than just any other Sunday.


tawney13 said...

Oh how cute they are!! How many minutes apart are they? My sister and I are 3 minutes apart. They are just adorable!

Arizona Girl said...

@tawney13 our girls are also 3 minutes apart.