Monday, February 9, 2009

Rex Is Back!

I went up to Phoenix for to see Rex come home from his mission to the New York Utica Mission. Rex came home and got right back into life. He started right away into re-familiarizing himself with the computer and all the new programs. Along with catching up on all the You-Tube videos he hadn’t seen. He has already started a Facebook account. When he was leaving we had over 200 people at his open house. It was crazy. So for his homecoming open house we had around 100 people at our house. It was still crazy. Cory still hasn’t met Rex. He wasn’t able to come up do to work and school, so he won’t meet Rex until next weekend. I’ve been married almost a year, it is weird to think that my brother has never met my husband. Out of all my siblings, Cory and Rex have the most in common. We’re happy to have Rex back.

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