Monday, February 23, 2009


We arrived back in Sierra Vista late last night after a 10 day vacation. It was so nice, even with all the cold and snow we still enjoyed ourselves. We drove up to Phoenix and spent Friday with my family, then Saturday morning we flew to Chicago and spend the day downtown, mostly at the Field Museum. We still had a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory from our wedding back in May. We thought it would be nice to go Saturday evening. We hadn’t thought it through, apparently the Cheesecake Factory is a hot Valentine’s day location. We ended up waiting an hour and half to get seated. Sunday we attended church at a random ward in Woodbridge, IL before driving to Peoria where my husband’s best friend (and was also the best man at our wedding) lives. Monday and Tuesday were spent in Nauvoo. It is really cold there this time of year. I’ve been there twice in the winter and once in the summer. My husband had never been to Nauvoo. There are downsides to going in the middle of winter, but there are some advantages too: personalized attention from all the Senior missionaries, no crowds, temple is open. Disadvantages: it’s cold, no restaurants are open, it’s cold, you get less sites done because the Senior missionaries are so happy to talk, and it’s cold. Wednesday we drove to Mason City, IA were some of my husband’s extended family live. After spending time with family we drove back to Chicago to catch our Saturday plane back to Phoenix. That evening was my youngest brother’s Eagle Court of Honor. It was a great vacation and was so nice to spend time with my family too. Especially since we won’t be going up to Phoenix during the month of March.


Ellen said...

While I haven't been to Nauvoo, I love going places on the off season. Of course the weather reminds you why it is the off season.

Holly Janeen said...

Nauvoo rocks. glad you guys got to go! :)