Monday, February 16, 2009

Snow in Southern Arizona

Last Monday night (the 9th of Feb) the weather forecast was predicting snow for the area. This wasn't the first time since I've moved to Sierra Vista, but I was optimistic. When my husband first awoke to start getting ready for work there was no snow on the ground, but by 7:00 it had started to snow and my husband had been informed that he had a delayed morning (post was not open to all personal until 9:30). This meant he could get back in bed and snuggle. By 10:00 the snow had all melted, but it was fun to have a little for a bit. I was also grateful it did not snow so much it required shoveling. That is one part of the snow I don't think I will ever miss. The one part I do miss about living where it snows are the snow capped mountains, and our mountains are now snow capped.

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The Conductor said...

Aww, Sierra Vista! My husband has family there and we seriously considered moving there. Beautiful place.

I just found your site through my sis -- we are both Primary choristers, but I was just called a month ago. Thanks for all your great ideas!