Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teaching April's Song: My Redeemer Lives, Hymn 135

Song about Jesus: Hymn 135, My Redeemer Lives, by Gordon B. Hinckley

  • Introduction- It’s fast Sunday.

What does that mean?

What is special about Fast Sunday?


  • What is a Testimony?

What do we bare testimony of?

What is the purpose of prophets?

--one purpose is to bare testimony of Jesus Christ

Show picture of Joseph Smith

Read D&C 76:22-24

This is Joseph Smith’s testimony of Jesus Christ.

Show picture of Gordon B. Hinckley

Read Hymn 135

This is Pres Hinckley’s testimony of Jesus Christ.

  • By singing his testimony we make it our own testimony.

1st verse

  • I know that my Redeemer Lives

Gospel Art Picture-“Mary and the Resurrected Lord” 62186

  • Triumphant Savior, Son of God

Gospel Art Picture- “the Nativity” 62495

Or any picture of Baby Jesus or the Nativity

  • Victorious Over Pain and Death

Gospel Art Picture- “The Crucifixion” 62505, “Gethsemane” 62175

Or any picture of the crucifixion

  • My King, My leader, and My Lord.

Gospel Art Picture- "The Second Coming", "The Resurrected Jesus Christ"

2nd verse

  • He Lives, my one sure rock of faith

Gospel Art Picture- “Stilling the Storm” 62139

  • The one bright hope of Men on Earth

Gospel Art Picture- “Jesus Appears to the Nephites”, “Isaiah Writes of Christ’s Birth”, “The World

Or any picture of the Earth or a really bright light

  • The beacon to a better way

Gospel Art Picture- “Baptism”, “The Baptism of Jesus” 62133, “Boy Being Baptized” 62018

Or any picture of baptism or a temple

  • The light beyond the veil of death

Gospel Art Picture- “Jesus Blessing Jairus’s Daugter

3rd verse

  • Oh, give me thy sweet Spirit still

Gospel Art Picture- “The Gift of the Holy Ghost

  • The peace that comes alone from thee

Gospel Art Picture- “Search the Scriptures”, “Enos Praying

Or any picture of prayer

  • The faith to walk the lonely road

Gospel Art Picture- “Moroni Hides the Plates”, “the Prodigal Son

Or a picture of a path or road

  • That leads to thine eternity.

Gospel Art Picture- “Young couple going to the Temple”, “Jesus the Christ” 62572

Or any picture of the temple or Chirst
The numbers are references from a really old book so I don't know how good they are. The links are all to the Church website, all pictures are printable there or check them out from your building's library. Most (if not all) are in your gospel art kits.

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