Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cooking Up a Program

Here is what I'm doing......
  1. First find baking containers and bottles. (Flour, sugar, vanilla, baking soda, powder, spices). You will need to find at least one container for each thing you want to work on. These could be songs you want to work on, or do as I am and have them be elements of singing that need to be worked on. Your elements may be different than mine due to your primary's needs.
  2. Label you containers: I like to use construction paper and markers, you could also print them off the computer. I taped them onto the container. The following are the elements I chose=Pitch, Smile, Correct Words, Sign Language, Sit and Stand Together, Diction, Holding Still, and Watch Chorister.
  3. Place labels on each container, I just taped them so I could easily take them back if I choose.
  4. During primary, talk about why we need all the ingredients to make a good ____ (cookie, cake, whatever you want to use as an example), then discuse what do you need to make that thing. After that liken baking/cooking unto a good program. You need everything to make a good ____ and you need everything to make a good primary program. Talk about each thing and why its needed.
  5. Sing through songs from your program and while singing them practice each thing. I am going to have the children pick one of our ingredients for us to work on. As we perfect that thing we get to add it to our mixing bowel.
  6. Supposidly once everything is mixed in the children should be experts performers and ready for the program.
  7. Can have a visual or a treat for the children like paper cookies or something.
I will do this the week before we have the "judges" come in to give the children feed back.

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Nona said...

I love that idea! Our program isn't until November... yay... but this looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!