Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tab Blankets

Also called: Ribbon Blankets, Soothing Blankets, Feelie Blankets, Teether Tab Blankets, and I'm sure they have many more names.They are just simple blankets that are about a foot squared, with ribbonI saw some of these online at Boutique Baby Stores and they were really expensive. My baby is getting to the point the he wants to hold everything, but some things are just too big for him. I remembered these blankets and wondered if he'd be happy with one. I didn't want to spend all that money and it got me thinking, I have a ton of fabric and ribbon and such, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard. So I went though my fabric. I was looking for fabric and ribbons of various colors and textures. I found some flat cottons, knits, sear sucker, fleece, spandex, and others. I sewed tab sizes and sewed them first to the fleece side (tabs face inside), then I sewed the back I chose inside out to the fleece (tabs still inside), leaving just a small section open to turn outside out. I did it super sloppy, I didn't care if it looked fantastic or anything. You can use any fabric or ribbon. I didn't coordinate anything. When I've seen a professional one they are all coordinated and done super cute, my goal was functional, cheap, and to get it done. Often the are made with minky fabrics, don't have any so I didn't use it, but its fine. I did use some satin that I had from past formals I've made. This web site has instructions to make it, I didn't use her directions, but they look okay. Already Baby Al has taking a liking to holding and playing with it. tabs sticking out for the baby to play with and suck on.

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