Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Outline of the Program

This is subject to changes
  1. My Eternal Family-- all children, all verses
  2. I lived in Heaven--all children, all verses
  3. I Will Follow God's Plan for Me-- special musical number by two children
  4. Seek the Lord Early--all children, all verses, have a few selected children to do the Sign Language.
  5. My Redeemer Lives (Hymn book pg 135)--all children, all verses
  6. How Firm a Foundation--all children on vrs 1 and 3, 2nd verse is teachers only, vrs 7 is congregation.
  7. Baptism-- All children, 1st verse only
  8. Jesus Said Love Everyone-- sing the song 3 times through, 1st time children just sing, 2nd time is a piano and instrument duet, 3rd time sing, instrument, piano, and sign language.
  9. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam-- just the sunbeams (we only have 6 if they are all there and it is so hard to get the sunbeams to do anything, but I think they love this song so much they will be happy to sing it). I want to learn what the sign is for 'sunbeam, sun, or beam' for them to do so that they won't be tempted to JUMP, since that is never good for a song about Jesus or for the chapel.
  10. The Family is of God--1st verse all children (chorus all children every time), 2nd verse done by a selected number of girls from SR primary, 3rd verse by selected SR primary boys, 4th verse is all of SR primary.
  11. Families Can be Together Forever-- all children sing through both verses, repeat second verse for a second time with the congregation.

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Liz and Chase said...

our ward has the kids reach their hands up as high as they can with fingers stretched out- a little bit better than jumping?