Monday, October 26, 2009

The Coolest New Thing I've Learned

On the church's website, in the music section. They have video displays of various songs in ASL (There are some in the Hymn book section, the link goes to the primary one). This made me so happy to learn so now I don't have to tract down the many ASL interpretors I know and fun out how to say everything. I have enjoyed so much sitting and watching them. It is already giving me some ideas for next year's songs.

Fun little sign language thing I do with nursery already and will do with the children come next year, is for singing the chorus to "Follow the Prophet". For the chorus have both hands in fists with your thumbs up (like little people), have your left one slightly in front of the right hand. Start with them close to your body and slowly push them away (as though the right hand is 'following' the left hand). Its really simple and gives the children a motion to do and occupy themselves while singing- they love it.

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