Friday, November 6, 2009


For Halloween Al was a dinosaur. My mother-in-law got him the costume. It was just so darn cute she couldn't pass it up. It was very cute. For my husband and I, we went as Benjamin Franklin and a French Lady of the Court. I had maid my costume a couple years ago, and I made my husband's this year. I love to make costumes, its what I do. I also made a costume this year for a brother in our ward, he wanted a KISS costume. That was something different for me.
The whole idea for my husband's costume this year started out of a conversation over the summer with my family. My husband loves 'Nightmare before Christmas' and would love to be Jack for Halloween, but there is something about needing to be really tall and skinny to pull it off. so the conversation came up 'what are good costumes for people a little tubby, Ben Franklin came up as a suggestion, and my husband decided that was for him. So I used a colonial pattern, made it large enough for my husband, and I chose colors I thought appropriate and would look good on my husband. We looked really good. Just a note for anyone who would like to do also- you must have the right wig to pull off this costume, and they aren't easy to find. In the past I have ratted my own hair, but this year while looking for a 'Franklin' wig I found one I liked enough for myself. Sorry there aren't pictures of us yet. I've been working on getting them from people. My camera hasn't been working right. Its also why there are a lack of posts. Happy Halloween.

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