Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Sleep Sack

As it has got colder We've realized that even in Arizona it gets cold enough at night for baby to be cold. Problem is baby thrashes around and pushes off his blankets. I have seen pics for these baby sleeping sacks or buntings or baby bags. They look easy enough and low and behold I already had a pattern. Although I made a number of alterations, for one the pattern was for newborns and for two it was ment to go over the baby's shoulders like overalls. I adjusted. I've made him two now. A plain red (had the material left over from our tree skirt last year) and an ASU (Arizona State University- GO DEVILS). The red one I made more of his current size and the ASU I made to last until he is around 3. My nephew could fit into it. We use them at night and sometimes on days when its really cold too. It makes me happy when I can be handy.

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rial & lisa solomon said...

My grandmother gave me her sewing machine when Rial and I moved into our house and I just love using it. I've only sewed curtains with it so far, but I am determined to do more.

But I digress, That baby sleeping bag is such a clever idea! I'm glad to see Al really likes it to :D