Monday, January 11, 2010


First-- I have started a blog to have a place for the mothers who share my hive problem after having a baby. There are more of us than I originally even thought. I'm trying to collect lists of how many and who you are so that some day I might be able to do some research on this problem. On this blog I will share my progress, articles I find, and stories from other women who are suffering from the same problem. This blog is If you have had this problem or know someone who has please check it out and refer it to others.
Second-- I haven't taken my Zyrtec for two days and although I am itchy- I have not had an outbreak of hives. Yeah maybe this is the beginning of the end for my hives.

This morning my hives came back. Darn it. But that was the longest I'd gone without taking my meds and not getting hives.

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