Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday

Baby Al is now 1 year old. Wow that was a quick year. When I was a child years took forever. Why is it they go by so much fast now? We had a pirate themed b-day party for our little one. (Who got his first tooth, finally, a few days before he turned one.)
Birthday boy cuddling up to daddy.

the pirate theme cake (it was a Monsters vs Aliens cake, but I had them leave the monsters off the cake and I downloaded this pirate from a digital scrapbook site. I downloaded, printed, laminated, and then taped toothpicks to its back and wala. Too cute. 
Baby Al didn't know at first what to do but quickly figured it out.

He ate lots of frosting and was having a hay day.

He was just too cute for words, but there came a time when the cake had to go away.
Which leads us to the next picture, of a baby who just lost his cake and was unhappy to get his face cleaned. My child makes the best unhappy faces. Its hard not to laugh at him.

Al was so cute. Thanks to all who came and all who sent their love. Al had a great birthday.


lpettey said...

Happy birthday to the little guy. What a cute picture of him eating his cake. Loved it!

~Crystal~ said...

Happy Birthday Baby Al! And happy Anniversary to you too! :)

Kathleen said...

Congratulations to your little one. Birthdays are so fun. But the worst one I ever spent was when my first child turned 21. It just all seems to go by so quick!