Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Holy Ghost

We did this song in May. And yes I am only now posting it. Sorry for anyone who was in the same boat and I didn't help. But hopefully most of ya'll are on a normal schedule and this might be of help.

When Christ was on the earth
A picture of Christ and a planet earth (I used the sermon on the mount pic)
He promised he would send
Take one piece of construction paper, write US as the address to and Jesus in the return corner, and draw on a stamp.
The Holy Ghost to comfort us,
I had a child hold a sign that said Holy Ghost while waring a big blanket around their shoulders. We talked about how one way we feel the Holy Ghost is a warm comforting feeling, its like waring a spiritual blanket
Our true eternal friend.
picture of a child smiling with the words typed underneath.

The Holy Spirit Whispers, 
A picture of a reverent child, Typed taped to top 'the Holy Spirit', and below 'whispers'
with a still small voice.
picture of an ear, typed next to 'still small voice'

He testifies of God and Christ
First Vision picture, typed 'testifies'
And makes our hearts rejoice.
Picture of child smiling, cut out heart, with shining rays coming out from the heart, placed over the child's heart.

And when we are confirmed
Confirmation picture
By sacred priesthood power
another confirmation picture with typed words 'priesthood power'
The Holy Ghost is given to us
pic of a gift, tag could say to 'us'
To guide us every hour.
Clock, typed word 'guide'
Oh may I always listen to that still small voice.
Ear next to picture typed words 'Still small voice'
And with his light, I'll do what's right
pic of light bulb, typed words 'his light, do what's right'
Each time I make a choice.
CTR symbol

Other ideas: have the children sing softly each time you sing the lines about 'Whispers', 'Still small voice', and 'listen'.  I had each picture held by a child. We taught the first verse and then the second verse. Each time learning a line we sang that line and the line in front of it, and continued building till we sang the whole song up to that line in one go, then we'd learn the next time. Example: The Holy Spirit Whispers, Our true eternal friend the Holy Spirit Whispers, The Holy Ghost to comfort us Our True Eternal Friend The Holy Spirit Whispers.... and so on.

Good Luck


Tara L. said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing!

Steph Thomas said...

I love this idea. I have been looking for what to use and just hadn't found anything I liked until I read yours. Thank you SO SO SO much for posting this.

Unknown said...

Hi. Sometimes I don't know why I don't get comment notifications until long after they are left.
I think with teaching a foreign language the key is to help them understand what the words mean, so that they know what they are singing. Also, you should know it yourself really well. It took longer than a normal song to get down when we did I belong to the church of Jesus Christ, but the kids did pick it up and do fine. It will be great!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! Great idea!