Thursday, May 6, 2010

Women's Conference

Women's Conference was so awesome. It was sort of a last minute thing that I decided to go. Thank-you SO much to my in-laws, who watched out baby while I was gone. And to my husband who learned insight into being a single father. When I called home he said "you are never allowed to die on me". He is so sweet. I love him.

I needed to be there so much. Granted I love my calling, but my jug doesn't get very filled while at church. I use to look forward to church on Sunday for that reason. My jug was getting so low and now it is full again.

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Liz and Chase said...

I totally get how you feel- I love the primary kids, but i do miss the lessons made for adults too. My mom goes every year and hopefully next year I will be going too. Sounds like so much fun.