Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coming Home

We were in transit for about 26 hours total from the time of leaving the ship to arriving at my parents home in Phoenix. It was harsh. Then when we arrived in Phoenix I couldn't wait to see my son. I hurried out of the terminal to see him and would he come to me- no. He wouldn't come to me, wouldn't let him hug him or hold him. He went right to daddy. Hugged daddy and wouldn't let go. This lasted a little over an hour. My mom suggested that maybe its because I never leave Al for more than a couple hours at a time, While my husband leaves him everyday for hours at a time. He was more mad at me for leaving him for so long. The next few weeks our little guy has been more clingy but my friends with sons around the same age say their sons have all been really clingy lately too. So not only is it a phase its I traumatized my son by leaving him for 2 1/2  weeks. Well everything is getting back to normal. I am still living on vacation in my head. It was a long trip. But I enjoyed myself so much that I wish it was longer. Although I was happy to come home to my

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