Friday, November 19, 2010

Port: Kusadasi (Ephesus) Turkey

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Brent and Brenda
This port was our biggest surprise. We had not chose this cruise because it stopped in Kusadasi, but was one of our favorite ports. Kusadasi is the port near the ancient city of Ephesus, the one of the Bible fame. But Ephesus was more than just the city that Paul preached to and wrote to the Ephesians. It was a huge important Greek and then Roman port city. It then over time it was ransacked,destroyed by earthquake, pillage, left abandoned, and then sediment covered it up. 

Then rediscovered in 1860's. It is estimated that even today only 20% of Ephesus has been excavated. As the site has been excavated they categorized everything, laid it out, and as they find pieces to put together they reconstructed what it looked like. Its fascinating. I was so in heaven. There is even a section that is an active Archeological site. It reminded me about being back in Elementary school I wanted to be an Archeologist and go out on digs. It was just awesome. We both enjoyed walking around the ruins. So beautiful- so awesome.
cats were everywhere, sidewalks were 

reconstructed archway

my husband in the fou

Justin with Theater 

Library at Ephesus
forum walk at Ephesus
The other thing we did in Kusadasi was go to the 'Virgin Mary House'. Its an old house that's foundation dates to the time that Mary could have been living in Ephesus. John was given the charge by the Jesus while on the cross to care for his mother, Mary, until the end of her days. John moved to Ephesus and lived there for a long time. If Mary was still alive at that point he would have brought her with him to Ephesus. This house is now a small chapel and is recognized by the Catholic church as the sacred site where the Virgin Mary lived out her days. Now I don't know if it was her home or not. I admit I'm skeptical, but there is a point at which places that are treated with a certain level of respect and sacredness have a sacred feeling. There was that sort of feeling there. I was grateful for the experience. 
Virgin Mary House
In Kusadasi was the only port that I bought a souvenir for myself. I bought a leather purse at one of the shops in the bazaar. Its nothing special, but its a purse that fits what I've been looking for for a while now.

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