Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mischievious Toddler

I took this photo a few minutes before hilarity ensued.
Rose had followed Al into his room, as you can see from the photo all is going well. So I went to try to get some things done. After a few minutes there was silence. I went down the hall, they weren't in the bedroom anymore. They had gone down to the bathroom, either Al had carried her or she crawled after him. As I started down the hall, Al came running out and tried to stop me saying "no mommy, no" That's when I knew I wasn't going to like what was in that bathroom. Al had given her a "bath" using the toilet water. He took the bucket we use to bathe him and had pulled the water out of the toilet. Then had scrubbed her head with the baby shampoo. So Rose was on the floor, happy has a bug, sopping wet, fully dressed, covered in shampoo. I wanted to yell at him and laugh at the same time. I couldn't find my camera (funny since I had just used it). I cleaned Rose all up and we went to where Nellie was through all this. Al picked up Nellie and said "she needs a bath". 

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