Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Toddler Antics

My toddler has been up to it again. One twin was sleeping and it was time to eat so I fed the one who was awake. Then the other twin woke up. I put the fed one out on the floor where my son was watching "Little Einstein". I was just finishing nursing the 2nd baby when I heard the 1st baby screaming. I hurried out to the family room. My son was trying to put his sister into the baby swing. But as he tried to put her in, the swing would go back and then come forward hitting the baby in the head.  
 As I went to save her I realized the entire floor was COVERED in Cheerios. Oh joy. At first I tried to have my son clean them up. But that didn't last long. He had started picking them up and then throwing them back on the floor. I put him in time-out for the whole ordeal, while I cleaned it up. Every time he asked if he could get out of time-out, he was told he could if he cleaned up the mess. Finally he  agreed to clean up the mess.
By then I had swept up all the Cheerios. So to get out of time-out he had to pick up all the toys on the floor. (He had also dumped out the toy box.) I wasn't mad at him, I wasn't angry, instead I was more in shock. It was a waste of an almost full box of Cheerios.

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