Monday, April 30, 2012

Sick or Not Sick

You wouldn't know by this energetic smiling baby that just an hour earlier she was lethargic and had a fever of 102.7 (fever temperatures always remind of me of radio stations). Its amazing what a little ibuprofen will do for a sick baby.  Rose had a fever (up and down) for five days straight. When her fever broke she broke out in a little rash on her neck and legs. Which would make it textbook Roseola-herpesviruses 6. Most children get it between the ages of 3 months and 4 yrs. Its just a high fever that lasts normally for a few days. It is obvious that's what they have after the fever breaks and a rash/red splotches appears. Not all children get the rash, and some children get the rash and had only a low grade fever. Most people get it as a child and then never get it again. So far Nellie hasn't had the high fever or developed a rash. Al has never developed the rash either. Talking to my mom she only remembers my sister getting it. Roseola is extremely rare for adults to get, it is assumed it is because just about everyone catches it while a small child and we then develop life long immunity to it. So now I'm playing the waiting game and praying that my two other children don't develop the illness and ruin our plans for this coming week.

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