Thursday, May 10, 2012

Al's Train Birthday Party

 We did the train theme last year. But this year we had a chance to do a train party with an actual train at the party. We had it at the McCormick-Stillman railroad park. It was mostly just family. My family, my brother-in-law, and my friend Raianne.
 we had a Thomas train cake, just like last year (used the exact same toy train and idea). We got a Thomas the train balloon.
 All the kids had fun playing with their uncles and on the playground. 
 Al got some awesome gifts. He was in heaven. 
 Everyone got their fill of holding babies. 
 I'm so grateful that Raianne came, I rarely get to see her. She also gave Al these adorable books called "We are in a Book" and "I Broke My Trunk". I hadn't ever heard of them before but they are cool. Al now cracks up whenever we say the word "banana".
 We rode the train twice. I had bought 3 of their ticket books.
I think everyone enjoyed ridding the train and holding holding babies on the train.
Al had a GREAT time and LOVE the trains, LOVED the park, LOVED being the center of attention.
Happy Birthday little AL.

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