Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post-Wide Yard Sale

My mom and sister (with her children) came down to visit this weekend. I completely forgot to take any photos the whole weekend. I'm totally bummed about that.
The reason they came down was the this weekend was the Post-Wide Yard Sale. What is a Post-Wide Yard sale? Once a year the local Military post has a Saturday that those who live on post in military housing to have a yard sale. Since Military families are restricted to weight limits when they PCS (are reassigned duty stations) they have to purge their belongs to just the essential. There is always a lot of great stuff. Especially a lot of baby and children's items- many of the families are young families with little children. We found all sorts of treasures and great clothes.
A funny story:
My son found this "Spencer" train at one of the yard sales and begged me for it. The owner knew what it was and had a lot of the train sets. Everything was priced individually. I paid them $2 for that train. Everywhere we went that morning he took it with him. Its easier to have your child carry their own toy at yard sales- they are less likely to get attached to a toy at the yard sale. I went to go feed the babies and my mom and sister kept going to yard sales. My mom didn't know I had already purchased the train. She offered and paid 25 cents. She said that the father at that yard sale turned to his wife and said "Was that one of Rusty's toys". Neither my mom or the father who sold the toy that wasn't his, had any idea what it was nor how expensive those little trains are new to purchase. We laughed all day at how my mom bought an item that we already owned.
A second funny story:
AL- "Spencer is a bad train"
Me- "Spencer isn't a bad train, he's just a misunderstood train"
AL- "no Spencer's a bad train"
Me- "I guess misunderstood might not be the best description, Spencer's just a really prideful train"
AL- "no Spencer's bad 

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