Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Verdict is In

Our DNA tests came back and we're identical.
We suspected it. The doctors all said in their opinions and experience they would guess their identical.
Now we know they are right.
Aren't we the cutest Identical twins.
Reasons why I'm glad to finally know:
  1. Now I can give people honest uncomplicated answers when asked if they are "identical or fraternal". Before when people asked I'd say "we think they're identical", then people would ask what that meant and I'd have to tell them the whole story. My mom kept telling to just say "they're identical" but I couldn't because identical means more than just looking alike. I can't be untruthful. But now I can be scientifically right, simple, truthful.
  2. Now I can stop looking every little tiniest difference between them and wonder if its because they aren't identical. I can now look at those differences and be grateful they have differences so that I can tell them apart.

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