Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Family Date Night

Since my husband getting home, we haven't had the opportunities to have alone time. This post isn't about of of those times. Its about when we decided to go out to dinner and take our children with us for a family date. Our son seemed like he needed some daddy time.  With daddy going back to work he has been having a harder time when daddy's gone. We just need to get to a *new* normal again. Its hard that normal keeps changing to find a normal.

We went out to Applebee's (we had a gift card).  Our children are very well behaved when eating out. I believe that all children have their "bad" days when eating out. But if you never take your children out with you, they don't learn how to behave themselves. You have to train them. Too bad taking them gets more expensive the older they get and the more they eat. At least right now, Al doesn't need a whole lot yet, and I can still bring the girls' dinner with us.