Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pioneer Day Celebration

The Saturday prior to Pioneer Day our stake had a celebration/fair. It was fun. We volunteered to help inform the stake about Indexing for the church's family history, mostly the 1940 census (which  is now completed). Our stake wanted to raise interest and recruit. We brought both of our laptops and our desktop monitor. My husband connected the monitor to his laptop so that passers by could see what he was doing. We weren't the only ones with our laptops there were about 10 others in our section, all of us indexing.
There were lots of soups of every kind and then pies. I brought two pies. (I was only asked to bring one but I ended up making three, so I brought two). One was a sugar-free, chocolate banana cream pie, the other was an Almond Pie (pecan pie but made with almonds). The chocolate banana cream pie was gone before I even got to try a bite. Wish I took photos of both of them.
I had two reasons for making an Almond pie, 1- oh my goodness nuts are expensive. I always buy my nuts at Costco and I thought they were expensive there. We were out of pecans and all I had were Almonds. I thought I'd just buy a bag at the local grocery store until I saw the price. I couldn't stop thinking about that carmelly goodness. I wondered if I could use my almonds and sure enough I found a recipe on the internet for almond pie 2- I shouldn't be eating pecans because I'm sort of allergic. Its not an immunological reaction (which to be a true allergy it has to be immunological reaction- meaning your immune system is reacting like its a virus or bacteria something to threaten your health.) My reaction is mostly to walnuts but I sometimes have a reaction to pecans. What happens to me is I get welts all over my tongue. I've been told it has to do with the acidity of the nut. But all nuts produce acidity and the ONLY nuts I have a problem with are walnuts and pecans. So I normal substitute almonds in everything: oatmeal, cookies, brownies, desserts, jello. Anywhere you'd use walnuts or pecans I use almonds exclusively. Now I will be making almond pies too.
It was a beautiful day. The weather was nice, it wasn't too hot, the clouds coming in gave a nice cover (although I still go seriously sunburned), the clouds also brought a cool breeze. It was a bit on the humid side, but the rain held off just long enough for all the activities to be over (line dancing, butter making, stick pulls and other games). As we packed up the car it started to pour.

We all had fun including the cutest twins on the block

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Joan Sowards said...

Indexing is fun, but the twins are the best part.