Friday, August 3, 2012

Singing Time Olympics- (Subbing)

Yes I was released over a year ago, but I was asked to sub for the next few weeks. The current chorister gave me her plans to teach "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" starting on Sunday, and left the rest of it to me.
Since the Olympics in London are on going I wanted to find a way to teach the song, work hard on the song (not take a lot of time away from singing), and incorporate something to do with the Olympics.
I found this blog post on singingasongisfun2do about her Olympic Singing Time. I liked her visuals and the idea of using the actions, but I was having trouble mashing it with teaching the song. I finally came up with the idea that after making through the whole song once, I'd have 3 children come up and do the action for one of the sporting events while we all sing through the song. Then at the end of the song, I'd award a medal to each of the three children. I am going to preface that anyone who cries or complains about which medal they get will get no medal at all. Although if they don't want the 1,2,3rd place medals they can quickly exchange it for a colored one. (They say wow, great job, awesome, singing champ, you're a star...) We will do this until the time is up.
I'm using the visuals of the Olympics from the above mentioned blog post plus one of my own Kayaking. For the action we'll row, two on each side, I guess it could also be rowing. You're welcome to use it.

I created my own medals by cutting circles out of construction paper and writing on them with permanent marker. 

For the ribbon I used cheap curling wrapping ribbon. I was stingy on my tape because I was almost out. I wouldn't recommend it, use enough tape.
Each one says Sing Time on it, The fun colored ones say "Singing Time Olympics" on each one.
After I made these I quickly made up some that ya'll can print off. Download as an image and it should print in a 8.5 x 11 paper.  Or click on these links to download from 
Personally I don't have a color printer so my construction paper will work just fine.

Good Luck Hope this helps ya'll. Happy Singing.

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Ileah said...

YES! Thanks for posting this idea. I was just looking at the other olympic singing time idea and wanted to find a way to teach the song as well! You saved me! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!