Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Songs for Singing Time

I so thought I had blogged about these already I made them back in 2008.
I am the sub for Singing Time on Sunday since Thanksgiving weekend our chorister is going to still be out of town. She said to pick a Christmas song and teach it to the children.
She appologized that she didn't have any of the visuals I had made because when our ward was split all that stuff had to go to the other ward. So she has nothing. I thought hey I made them once I'll make them again. So I got on my blog to look them up so I could have something to look at and I couldn't find them. I had to go through our old photos from our old hard drive to find them.
I made a Nativity scene from construction paper and then had it laminated. To give you an idea of size 
Joseph is about 9 inches tall. The brown part of him is all one piece, just cut and drawn on.
I used it for "Once within a Lowly Stable", "Shepherd's Carol" and the Nativity Song.
I pointed with a stick at the character in that part of the song.
I used it for "When Joseph Went to Bethlehem". I had a path that lead to it on the chalkboard and a "workbench" on the far side of the path.
I also used it by putting stickies on it, had the pieces on the table, children picked a piece and then we placed it on the board created our Nativity picture as we sang different carols.

Joy to the World
"Joy to the world"
"The Lord has come" ---use picture from library of the 2nd coming, nativity would work too
"Let Earth receive her King"
"Let every heart Prepare him room"
"And Saints and Angels Sing...."
all just made out of construction paper and markers.

Far Far Away
Each verse was a page. Not too thrilled with my pages, a little too busy. If I was to do it again I'd probably do 1 verse to 2 pages, with less words written on the pages.
We then did the chorus in Sign Language.
I love teaching Christmas songs to the children.
If you're looking for something really different. You'd need to get permision from your Primary President, but last year my mom and I wrote a Christmas Children Song called 
click above and you can download the song.
These are the words:
ONE little baby sleeps on the hay in a manger far away.

TWO earthly parents watch Him sleep as their night long vigil they keep.
THREE wise men follow the light of a star shining bright
Bringing gold and frankincense and myrrh as they travel through the night.
FOUR shepherds hear the angels sing above, and they go to witness God's Love.
FIVE lowly animals make not a sound as the shepherds gather around.

I wrote it with the idea in mind of singing it with children and counting the 5 on their hands.
Have fun singing Christmas Songs!

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