Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Night

A few months ago I had this epic idea... dress our children up as water for Halloween. We have twin girls and a 3 yr old son, two H's and one O H2O. Brilliant right? Somehow I thought it might be a little too crazy but mentioned it to him anyway. He LOVED the idea and we made it happen. And hey why not do it while our children are too young to argue yet about what they want to be.
Our son's oxygen costume was a red t-shirt with an iron on of Oxygen from the Periodic table. I made him some pj pants out of red cotton material from my fabric stash. For the girls I had white onesies that I iron oned the Hydrogen from the Periodic table, white tights we already owned and I made them white tutus out of tulle (just to give it a fun costume effect). As for my husband and I we wore my old lab coat from college (my husband borrowed one from a doctor friend), and we made ourselves look crazy. My husband made his own steampunkish goggles to complete the outfit. Overall all for of our outfits and the candy was under $20. Yes we do awesome Halloween for about $20.  As a disclosure I didn't count the iron on paper because I already owned it from a previous project and the paper has been gathering dust in my house. 
Happy Halloween

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