Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trip to Texas: the Great Wolf Lodge

I had only seen this resort on GroupOn. And when we were looking for things to do my husband found them on a list of great things to do with toddlers. 
Great Wolf Lodges are a chain of resorts that have an indoor water park. For those from the Arizona area, the indoor park is on the scale of SunSplash. It also have an outdoor section for the summer and good weather. It wasn't open while we were there.
It has a huge area for smaller children. And a bunch of slides for older children and adults. It has a hot tub area for adults only and a wave pool and lazy river for guest of all ages. I was impressed with out much water area there was to do.
Al though he was in heaven, but the girls.... took a while to be okay with being in the water. I do feel that by the end of the visit they were enjoying their water time, but they still didn't want to stay in all the time.
The girls were so cute in their suites. If you ever do something like this, or do public swimming areas in general bring colored swim clothing for boys and girls make spotting children so much easier.
The girls favorite part was chill'in on the chairs with their 
water bottles. 
Al was big enough to stay up late and go to story time both nights we were there. After story time the second night Violet the Wolf was there to meet and greet the kids. Him and I got ice cream too while we waited for story time.
By the end of each day our children were so tired. They could hardly stay awake to eat dinner.
Overall we had a bunch of fun. The food was expensive and not impressive at all. But for the winter deal we were able to get it wasn't too bad of a price for what we got. I don't think I could ever go and spend their "normal" full price. It just sounds way too expensive for the fact that they are going to nickle and dime you, just like any resort, to do any of the extras. In a way I've been spoiled by the cruising experience of a resort like feel. Where sure extras are extra but there is so much already included that you don't actually need a many of the extras. We will probably do it again someday, maybe in 2-3 years when Al will be big enough to ride the large slides. Maybe we can talk my sister's family into going with us.... maybe.

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Unknown said...

me and my family had great time visiting such resorts in Texas as well! Really offered so many things to do