Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. I’d say it’s my favorite holiday except, I love the Christmas season too. The best part about Christmas is that it is more than just a day. So back to Halloween, I think I love Halloween because people dress up in costumes and just have fun being something they aren’t or wearing something they only feel they can ware as a costume. It is so much fun making up costumes and putting them together. Every year I make myself a new costume outfit. This year I didn’t make a new costume for myself. That’s because I was making other costumes. This year I made the Halloween costumes for my mother-in-law and her friend. Every year they throw a Halloween party and do fun costumes as the host. This year they wanted to do and old west theme. They wanted to go as Saloon girls and their husbands wanted to go as cowboys. So a few weeks ago we took a trip up to Tucson to buy fabric and patterns. I enjoy putting things together and imagining what they will look like. One thing I learned working in a fabric store is that very few people have the ability to look beyond the picture on the pattern. If they can’t find the fabric that is on the picture they are completely at a loss of what to use. Helping people see what else they can do is something I enjoy. Brenda (my mother-in-law) and Karen (her friend) were really open minded when it came to ideas. Brenda chose for her costume to be purple and black and Karen chose orange and black. The both turned out darling. I wish I had pictures of them in their final costumes to post. For the Men’s costumes I made vests out of faux-leather suede. They then wore black jeans, black shirt, and cowboy hats.
For Cory I made a black pin-strip zuit suit. He was going as a 1920’s gangster and I was to go as a flapper. I made a flapper dress-red with black fringe) when I was just starting college and figured I would ware it again. While in Tucson, Brenda bought me a black finger-waved wig. It looked really wiggy on me, but oh well at least I didn’t have to finger-wave my own hair. Well by the end of the night my dress was falling apart. The seams were really coming undone. By that point it was time to go home before I flashed someone. We had fun and was very happy with how all the costumes I made turned out.


Holly Janeen said...

glad i found your blog... hope all is well :)

Amy said...

You two could have steped right out of a gangsta' movie! I love it!