Monday, October 27, 2008

Primary Program & Haunted Houses

This week was the primary program. I am so glad that is over. The children did very good. Normally, I loath watching primary programs because it is chaos on the stand. Its painful to watch. But I think being a part of the primary program I was able to appreciate it more because I knew that it was nowhere near the possible chaos that could be existing.

I have been sick all week, I have a sore throat, lost my voice, I had a fever, not fun. So I was mostly feeling better by Saturday but not perfect. But I still didn’t have a voice. What made the whole thing really funny was that the children followed me- so when my voice went out and I was mostly lip singing, the children would bring their volume down to nothing too, but when I could get sound out, their sound would go back to normal. If it wasn’t so frustrating, it would have been entertaining. At least the children follow me. Thank goodness the children sang just fine on Sunday.

So for my visual on Sunday I wanted something just fun for the children- sort of like a celebration. I made a scary house (like a haunted house but I didn’t want to call it a haunted house). Now there was a concern about it not being appropriate for church. So I did check with the Primary President prior to making the house, to verify that it was okay. I would recommend doing that. I made the house so that the windows open and the door too. I wanted to make the house less scary after we had sang all the songs. I made these little cutesy ghosts and wrote the songs on the ghosts. Then I put a ghost in each window. All the songs we sang where picked by the children or were just fun songs. Both Jr and Sr seemed to really enjoy the house and the ghosts.

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