Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Love Visitors

Last weekend Lisa and Rial Solomon came to visit us. We love it when we have visitors. The last visitors that we had had were a while ago when my parents came down.
So Saturday while Lisa and Rial were here, there was our Stakes Fall Fun Festival. Cory made chili for the chili cook-off. There were lots of fun activities going on. One was the talent show, Lisa and Rial got roped into do a Philippino stick dance. Cory wanted to get involved too. Cory's chili won 2nd place in his chili's category (beef with no beans). It was fun, except that we all got a little bit of sun.
After the Fall Fun Festival, we took a drive up Carr Canyon. You can see our house from here. It is so nice up there. All the pine trees and plants, its hard to believe you are still in the desert. Going up the canyon you can also see how close to Mexico we live. Rial said he had never before been this far south in Arizona, well you can't get much further south, you won't be in Arizona much further.
We love visitors. So the next time you want to take a trip to almost but not quite Mexico think of us.

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