Monday, October 6, 2008

Mutal Respect- Obviously Some People Find it a Joke

This vandalized poster was sitting on my parent's front yard. My parent's house is in the back of a neighborhood, in the back of a circle. Someone went out of their way to vandalize their property that was on their property. It sickens me.
The same people who did they are claiming they want equal rights, when obviously they don't. If they honestly believed in true equal rights they would respect people's rights to express their beliefs. They not only committed a crime by vandalizing and disregarding personal property, they are violating the rights of my parents (who are law abiding citizans) to have the right to express themselves, their right of free speach, their right to own person property and so much more.
I want to be able to respect peoples rights to choose how to live their own lives. If you read my past blogs you will see that I support many rights that indivdules arguee that they don't have. I just can not support the right for them to marry someone of the same sex. They still have the right to marry, they could still marry- but someone of the oposite sex. I have done many things to fight for those other rights, but whey they continue to disregard the rights of others- I no longer want to help fight for their rights.
When I lived in Utah, people who did not support rights for gay couples, lived quite lives of unsupport. They have that right, but those who lived that life style would constantly be in my face and other's faces flaunting their right to live how they want. I hated it. They were a small but in your face minority. In Arizona that minority is much larger, but most live quite lives. I can respect that. It is those people who live a quite lives makes me want to leave them alone and let them do so.
But by insulting and insurting their lives into mine- by infringing on my rights and the rights of those around me. I will fight! To those individules I ask you to STOP infringing on our basic rights, you can't say you are truely for equal right if you are not allowing the basic rights of life to those who do not think the same way you do.


Gerardo Moochie said...

Too many who demand "equal rights" have no idea the kind of effort, self-discipline, and basic "moral good sense" goes into achieving the rights we have. Many are bafoonish aborigines in the way they pursue their demands.

Keep up the great blogging.


aimee said...

I tried really hard not to comment on this because to be honest I'm kind of sick of it all about now. But several hours after I read it I still fill ill at ease and so the only way to fix that is to say whats on my mind. My question to you is, what gives you or I or anyone for that matter the right to choose what civil liberties others get to have? I'm not saying I agree with same sex marriage but it's not really my place to say that they don't get to enjoy the benifits that I do. I understand the frustration of your parents but really it's just a piece of cardbord that was probably free and it was put up to stir feelings. The individual who went about vandalizing the sign probably didn't go as far out of their way to find the sign as you might think. They are probably some one in the neighborhood and possably some one you care a great deal about. I think it's sad that some people think that as long as something isn't in their face they can pretend a problem doesn't exist. You say that whom ever did this vandalizm isn't truely for equal rights but my dear by your own words, nither are you.

Arizona Girl said...

Thank-you for leaving your comment. I understand the argument that you are trying to make and although I don't fully agree with you, there are some valid points that I do agree with. My point that I was trying to make is that by not respecting others rights, how do they ever expect to be respected back. I guess it goes back to the "do unto others as you would have other do unto you". Be above it. Also I would like to refer you to my blog Sept 12 on Prop 102. I actually believe that there are many rights that they and others should have that they are not fairly receiving.
thank-you again for your comment. I appreciate that those who disagree are will to discus it civilly with me.