Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Singing Time Concentration

I wanted my concentration game to be a little more complicated than just matching two pictures, or a picture to a word. I wanted the children to have to try to figure out what the picture was saying. Some of the songs I chose were really easy to think of a fun picture, but others were really hard for me (either that or I couldn't find the right pictures to try to use).
I am having a sub this week so I wanted something easy for her to do.
Can you guess what song each picture is?
For JR: I am planing on having the song names and pictures exposed from the beginning, and having the children match them up. Its not that I don't think the children could do the concentration game, but I don't want it to take a lot of extra time and sing less of the songs. But again it is the sub who will be leading the game and she'll make the final choices.
For SR: I am planing on them playing the game like a normal concentration game.


Cory said...

Wow. you are so much more creative than I could ever dream of!!! And I hope you are having fun in the snow!!!

Stacy said...

Thanks for this great idea. I'm going to use it for a "Detective" singing time this Sunday to see if they can figure out which song we'll sing.

Nona said...

Oh I like this... very creative! Thanks for sharing. :)

Hate junk food! said...

Hi I'm adding you to my blog I just started about primary singing time. Thanks for the ideas, I hope I can give you some too!