Friday, March 20, 2009

4th Sunday Activity: Game for Song Review

For the Free week I created a game for just the three songs that we have already learned. Since the youngest children are still having struggling with the first two songs we've learned. I wanted to find a way to focus on just the songs we've learned so far. Keep the songs fresh in their mind.

  1. Make a sign for each song: 'I Lived in Heaven', 'How Firm a Foundation', and 'My Eternal Family'
  2. Print out random the lines from the 3 songs, I did about 7 from each song and focused mostly on non 1st verses
  3. paste lines onto construction paper
How to play the game:
  1. Place the songs up on the board (up high), and the lines somewhere visible but not right under the the song titles.
  2. Sing through all three sings, all verses.
  3. Have a child come up and pick a line.
  4. Then have the children decide what song does that line belong to.
  5. If its not apparent for the children, have the piano play the line, and then all sing with the piano.
  6. Once the line has been identified, then sing the verse that the line belongs to. (Depending on the time you have)

Update: Tested Game
  • In Primary today we did this game. I had no idea how well it would go but I figured that JR primary would have a hard time with the concept but still have fun playing and that SR primary would thing it was all way too easy and go through them super fast.
  • JR-- They did really well. Most of the time they had to think about it, and I had the pianist play the line. They'd figure it out. We numbered the songs on the board. I found this helped because the really little children wouldn't say the name of the song out loud for me, but they would say a number or raise their fingers, and that was with very little coaching. I think they enjoyed the game a lot. In fact more so than the SR. We were able to complete about half of the lines I had prepared.
  • SR-- We ended up with extra time, so not only did we go through them faster than with JR primary, the extra time aloud us to complete all the lines prepared. But it was just about perfect. There were even some of the lines the threw them a little.
  • What was different than planned?? -- Well instead of singing the whole verse we just sang the line on the paper plus the next line. I think that worked out well. Overall I think it helped the children recognize which song was which much more. They did great.

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