Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Eternal Family- Tested

This last Sunday I taught ‘My Eternal Family’. I will be honest, this is not my favorite song. However I feel, the children really got into it- especially the little children. I used Matilda’s idea of teaching the chorus first. That had not occurred to me but it worked really well.

I started by relating ‘How Firm a Foundation’ and telling them that we were going to build a house. We learned the chorus and then put the roof off to the side. Then we talked about the foundation, followed by building our house (learning the chorus). With SR primary I got through both verses. That isn’t that surprising, they normally learn more. I was able to do the whole first verse and the chorus with the JR primary. They were picking it up really well and all the children were singing- even my new little sunbeams who haven’t even tried to sing one word yet. It was good to have them singing, it makes me feel like I am making progress.

I got feedback from two of the JR primary teachers that their children were singing the song and humming it during their classes. When I first heard this song I didn’t want to teach it, I talked to my mom and she said that although it is not her type of song either- it’s the type of song children will take to and love it. I think my mom is going to be right. They are taking to it already.

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