Monday, May 18, 2009

Activtivity: Board Game

I started making and working on the idea for this board game prior to having the baby, with the idea of having it be a sub activity, I might still use it for a sub, but I made it a little more complicated and am not sure if a sub would want to deal with it.

the Board Game:
I wanted to make it so I could reuse it over and over and have it laminated. Since finishing it I've thought of lots of different ways I could have done it. You need construction paper, glue, something to use as a game piece, and a dice (standard one from a game or make one yourself so it's larger than normal-either way)

  • (how I did it) I made the board to be used over and over by glueing each piece on the board and writting what the space tells you to do. I have the yellow spaces are a "you choose" and the pink and red spaces are a "question card" space. What is a "question card"? Its a card that I've put questions on for the children to answer. There are three types of questions 1-a line from one of the songs we've been learning 2-Guess that prophet: clue to who the prophet is some are modern and some from the scriptures 3- What would you do? Overall the idea is I can always make new cards. All the rest of the squares are pick a song from the song jar (all the songs we've been working on this year and in the song jar, plus a few other fun ones-I would recommend always having a song jar for a back up, and not useing glass, find a good plastic jar).

  • (thought of after the fact) make the board and laminate it, cut out the squares and laminate them. Then use a marker to write the songs on the back of the squares (or the front is find since the children aren't picking the squares you land on), then tape, velco, or just hold on with the magnets when you set it up. Washable markers should come off fine, overhead markers would work great too, you could use a permant marker and then use rubbing alcohol to remove it afterwards. This way you don't make any question cards and each square has a song to sing.

  • Make it up like in the first example, but instead of labeling each square, write down your own color code, you could just assign each color a song (sing it more than once if you land on that color alot or use all different colors), you number each square and assign a song to each number.

I have some other board game ideas that involve finding some old children's board games like "shuts and ladders". I got the idea from for the board game I made from a board game I made on my mission. That game was made to teach the 4th D (at the time was the Plan of Salvation Lesson). The plan of salvation game worked by choosing a card, each card had a life experince, either a good one or bad. If good you moved forward, if bad you moved backwards. Eventually you reach the end of the spaces (life) then each of the principles were taught as you move from each of the after-life pictures. Back to the game I just made... I made the start Earth because that is where we currently are and the end a sun to represent living with God in heaven. That way we are moving towards returning to Heavenly Father. You could make start and finish whatever you want. Good luck.

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