Friday, May 1, 2009

Doctor Gave me a Deadline

Yesterday was the doctor's due date. At my last appointment I brought up that we still have time before I'm 40 weeks and he explained how he calculated my due date. He explained that he calculated April 30th off of my first ultrasound and then recalculated it off of the second ultrasound we did and both came to April 30th. It made me feel better to get that explained. However his due date here we are May 1st, still pregnant, and dilated to a 5. While at my last appointment the doctor gave me a deadline for how much long he will give us to have this baby come out on his own. He gave me a week from his due date, a week from yesterday. While at the doctor's office I was actually really grateful he was giving me 9 days (that's how many days it was when I was at the doctor's), but at the same time it brings up a lot of concerns. I don't want to be induced. As we discussed what this would in tell, and my great concerns over Pitocin, the doctor said that he has no intention of giving me Pitocin. Instead he plans on just breaking my water, and that should get me going. But that doesn't work for all women, but he tried to convince me that I'm so far dilated that is all that is needed. So in the mean time we are trying everything we can to get this baby coming on his own. We've gone walking every night. I've been trying to walk on my own during the day, we took a drive up Carr Canyon (really bumpy dirt road), I sit on the yoga ball all day bouncing and rolling, and my husband gave me a blessing. And so far-nothing. I'm not worrying over it, however each day has brought a little more anxiety that he won't come on his own and we will have to break my water. I know breaking my water isn't the end of the world, but I wanted my body to do this as much as possible. The other problem is trying to keep busy. I'm having a hard time knowing what to do with myself. Sure I still have some stuff to unpack, but most of what is left I need my husband to help me with it. I could finish organizing the nursery, but its so overwhelming every time I go in there. I finally packed for the hospital, I've made chili that's in the fridge so we have food afterward, I went grocery shopping so we'll have food in the house, I finished the birthing plan and other paperwork to take with us. I want to stay busy so that I'm not constantly thinking about it, but physically labor wares me out too much and everything else costs money that we are trying not to spend. Maybe I will just go pamper myself by getting a pedicure and manicure, or go have my hair done- again there is the money thing. So until next Thursday, I'm waiting and trying to be as relaxed as possible. In one way its nice to have a deadline, so I know that at least by then- the wait will be over, because I really want icecream and I haven't had any for a few weeks now.


Holly Llewellyn said...

Hey Tas-
SOunds like you are ready. Have you asked the Doc to strip your membranes...that has worked for numerous friends. A few other tricks to try
-blue or black cohash (natural herbs)
-drive 15 mintues on a RR track
-foot massage
-spicy food
-and well...we have all heard it before "the way the baby got there is the same way to get the baby out" This one is actually medically proven to have an effect. It's worth a shot.
Good Luck

Alyssa said...

Hello! This is Ambers little sis Alyssa. I just had a baby in April and was under the same deadline thing. My baby was due April 12th and the dr wanted to induce me April 10th, I didn't feel good about it, so I told her I wanted to wait (sadly, she wasnt very happy with this decision). She said I had until the week after my due date and then we were inducing. A week after my due date (on a Sun) my water broke and I delivered my baby when she was ready to come, not when the dr decided. I was told however that after 41 weeks the placenta may not function as well and that could cause problems, so I was willing to be induced after 41 weeks. So, that was a really long story, but hopefully it gives you a little hope that the baby will come when it is ready! Also, I have heard that stripping the membranes is EXTREMEMLY painful. I have a friend who would be dilated to a 6 and they would break her water and the baby would come a few hours later. Pitocin is painful, I've had to have it for both pregnancies (I wasn't progressing after my water broke), but if you want an epideral you can prob have it before they do anything to induce because you are dilated to a 5. Good luck, and your baby will come when it is ready hopefully, before the dr decides to induce :)