Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Inherited Goodies

When I was called to be the chorister (wow almost a year agao), the old chorister gave me a rubbermaid container filled with all sorts of things ie: past visuals, books, song ideas and helps, and activities.

One thing in the box were all these pictures on sticks. There is a mouse, lions, humm, la la la, teachers only, boys only, girls only, bee, glasses only, and a bunch of others.

I took them on Sunday (1st sunday back after having my baby). We used the song jar to pick songs, and then each one we did different. For some songs we used the mouse and lions, when the mouse is up you sing quitely, and the lions you sing slightly louder than normal. On another song we used the "humm" sign, and hummed through it first and then sang it, same idea with the "la la la" sign and the bee (buzz through the song). I wish I had a "bump" sign to bump bump bump through the song, I guess I'll have to make one.
Other thinks to do are... have them do one action and see if they can do it for the whole song-without laughing (like sit on their hands, put their hands on their head, plug their nose). Also you can do a sort of "do as I'm doing" while singing a song. I find 'How Firm a Foundation' works really well for the "do as I'm doing" activity. The older child enjoy the "do as I'm doing" alot but the single motion the older the child is enjoy it less. But the younger the child is the more they enjoy all these activities- so its especailly good for JR primary.

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