Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Cute Little Baby Boy

So being a mom is taking some getting use to. I am particually not thrilled with the middle of the night feedings. But I can't be mad at Alistair, he is so cute and so innocent. Its not his fault his tummy is too small to keep it full all night.I've learned that my baby loves his binky and we can not be without it.

I am also surprized at how much he sleeps. I know newborns sleep a lot but I didn't have any idea how much is a lot till now. Sometimes I joke my baby has narcolepsy because he seems fully awake one moment and then the next he is out and nothing I do will wake him. Everyone keeps telling me I should be grateful for these days because come a few months or weeks and it will seems like he never sleeps day or night.
So that cat leaves the baby alone. She hasn't become brave enough to actually touch the baby yet, she mostly just ignores that he exists. Sometimes I think she wishes that he didn't. I took this yesterday and I couldn't help but laugh at the fact they were both sleeping in the same position.

Alistair is waring my husband's glasses. He was awake just prior to them being put on his face, and by the time they were on his face he was out like a light. Isn't this just too cute.


Ellen said...

What a cutie! I read somewhere that babies this age sleep 20 hours a day. Hard to enjoy your baby when they sleep all the time.

Jcjohns said...

Those pics are so cute!!! I love the cat and him sleeping!!! SO CUTE!!!

Amy said...

Lol! He looks strikingly like your dad with the glasses on. I mean that in a good way. And yes, he is way cute!