Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Creepy Spider

This morning I was waken because Baby Al was awake and wanted to get up and eat- any mom is familiar with the story. I decided to change him from his pjs and his full diaper before feeding. Since Cory hasn't finished building the changing table yet, our temporary changing station is set up on the floor of our room, eventhough Baby Al is now sleeping the night in his crib and in his own room. Moving on with the story, I placed him on the changing pad, and was playing with all the cloth diapers trying to decide what to put on him first for the day, and then I saw it. It was huge and scary. I'm not one of those girls who are normally scared by spiders, ask any one of my college roommates. But there this huge ugly spider was right next to my baby's head. I didn't know what type of spider it was but it wasn't going to get my baby. I grabbed the baby wipe I had pulled out to clean my baby and I grabbed it and smooshed it. I had never seen a spider like this. I was a little shook up after seeing it, inspecting everything I picked up to make sure there wasn't the spider on it. I then looked it up on the computer. Finally I found a picture that looked like it. It was on another blog, they said it was a Long Legged Cellar Spider-Female with a full egg sack, in other words a common Daddy Long Legs. I've seen many Daddy Long Legs in my life but this one was totally different. I fet a little bad for killing it, I should have moved it outside, but it was right next to my baby and I felt protective. I guess I do have some motherly instincts.

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Jcjohns said...

I would have done it too!!! Nothing can hurt our babies...Rowan had an ant in his hair today and I freaked!!!