Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 3 Months

Al is now three months old. He is getting so big (as my previous posts have spoke about).
Happy 3 months old!!!
On Wend. we were at the allergist to see if we would be able to do testing to find out what is causing my hives. FYI I'm allergic to almost every grass, most molds, Eucalyptus, Sycamore, Privet, Olive, Mesquite and Palo Verde trees, Yellow dock, Ragweed, Burrobrush, Carelessweed, Cocklebur, Cats and Cockroaches, oh and oysters but I don't care because I don't eat oysters. I live with a cat, we have a Mesquite tree in our yard, and I'm sure out of all the weeds on our "natural landscaped" yard some must be those I'm allergic to.
Well back to Baby Al- at the allergist there was another baby in the lobby. In talking with her mother, we discovered that our babys have the same birthday. It was so cute, we had to take a picture, this is Baby Al with Baby Chole. Chole was born at 11:52am and Al was born at 9:00pm so Chole is about 9 hours older than Al.

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